The School of Digital Marketing has one mission:

To empower South Africans to stand out in the global tech landscape. To do this, we offer the latest, up to date, globally recognised Digital Marketing certifications in the world. Our courses are validated by industry giants such as Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM and many more.

We are purposely starting a digital revolution to take our place on the global stage. Get a global education locally. Join us. We would love to have you part of the journey.

School of Digital Marketing is an online and on-campus digital marketing school.

Founded in 2020 by Managing Director and Digital Strategist – Dante Botha, School of Digital Marketing partnered with The Digital Marketing Institute to deliver globally recognised courses. The heart of School of Digital Marketing is to eliminate the gap identified between graduates and the workplace. We want to empower through equipping students in South Africa and around the world to start and grow their digital marketing careers with our courses and in-agency career kick starting opportunities that will leave them industry ready.

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Digital Marketing institute has 75,00+ members and alumni across the globe. As well as learning the latest in digital marketing, you’ll be joining a network of thousands of members and graduates with the same passion for this fascinating, modern discipline.

The most comprehensive, sophisticated and flexible program in the market. New opportunities has opened up.

– Jacqueline Mccouat, Huawei

The knowledge I gained at the Digital Marketing Institute has helped me in my current role.

– David Kelly, Twitter

After finishing my course, I took up a new role with Google. I now work as an industry manager.

– Anna Moldovan, Google

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